rotary drive module

rotary drive module

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The unique new Rotary Drive (patent applied for) consists of a Drive module which inserts a drive shaft into the belt-driven track. This module includes a gearing system which allows the crank handle to drive the curtains at approximately a 2.5 times gearing ratio; meaning that the curtains travel more quickly than the handle but the effort required remains minimal.

The Rotary Drive module and system may be used with all weights of curtain including large, heavyweight and interlined curtains. Even the heaviest curtains require very little effort to move.

Features of the system include a slip-clutch in the handle to prevent damage to the system in the event of over winding, as well as free rotation of the handle in the event of the curtains being opened or closed by hand (which may happen for example when guests are unaware of the presence of the Rotary Drive).

From a health and safety perspective, Rotary Drive completely eliminates the risk of child strangulation by cords. Unlike corded systems (the cord loop of which must be no lower than 1.5m from the floor) the length of the crank handle is completely customisable, allowing the handle height to be designed around the needs of the user. This facility may be particularly relevant for wheelchair-bound users and particularly short or tall users.

The Drive Module and Crank Handle are concealed behind the drapes when in use and are supplied in anodised silver and grey as shown. The handle includes a protective transparent fabric protector which remains static when the handle is rotating to ensure that the fabric is not soiled or rubbed by the rotary action.

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