recess bracket


Recess brackets are ideal when space is restricted at one or both ends of the pole. They can be used in conjunction with mid and passing brackets. The recess bracket is turned in either steel or stainless steel and incorporates a metal eye detail for anchoring the drapes.

The bracket has been carefully prepared by hand for the finishing process, before being coated and cured using different techniques depending on the selected finish.


30mm round track: (1 3/16″) depth off wall: 10mm (3/8″)
38mm round track: (1 3/16″) depth off wall: 12mm (1/2″)
50mm round track: (2″) depth off wall: 15mm (9/16″)

Available progressive finishes: brushed stainless, brushed brass tint, brushed copper tint, brushed bronze tint, brushed carbon tint, mirrored stainless, mirrored brass tint, mirrored copper tint, mirrored bronze tint, mirrored carbon tint.

Available classic finishes: polished, polished brass tint, polished copper tint, polished bronze tint, waxed.

Specification & Installation

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