Innovative and exciting, Drive brings curtain poles firmly into the modern era. A full round pole style, a seamless look and a solution for any shape of window; all driven by a battery powered motor requiring no specialist skills to specify and install.

Smart and simple, Drive is a modern replacement for corded poles.

drive | the new standard


A modern replacement for corded poles, Drive is simple to install with no electrician required. Affordable and modular, it is perfect for projects of any scale.

seamless innovation

The motor is turned through 90 degrees and rear-mounted via an embedded motor housing, finished in a complementary colour. The motor sits neatly and discreetly behind the drapes.


The bracket architecture is shared with Glide and Float and keeps the front face of the pole clear of visible parts.


A new jointing system ensures perfect alignment between pole sections.


Gypsum & Anthracite material now offered as standard for gliders, with coated metal gliders available for an exact colour match.


Modern sinuous heading styles can be created, using both hook and tape or snap tape components.


The rear fixing brackets allow true flush ceiling mount for the first time.

bent to shape

The pole is designed to be accurately bent and curved to shape.

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Gliding Options


This newly extended palette of colours and finishes launches alongside Drive, fitting the new collection to the mood of any scheme.


shades – Matte Coat

shades – satin Coat

shades – gloss Coat


High metallic fleck coatings all available in Satin and Gloss sheen levels.

Anodic Metals

A flat metal colour group, with an anodised style surface texture.


Poles are cut, bent and curved to suit individual requirements. When calculating the length of your pole, remember to allow tolerance beyond the width of the frame for the curtains to stack back to the edge of the window. Maximum pole length in one piece 4.0m (157”).↔ Poles exceeding the maximum length will be cut into equal parts unless otherwise specified. A pole joiner will be supplied. Twin drive systems are always supplied in an even number of parts & will be supplied in a minimum of two sections.


Drive will be supplied with a battery powered motor, with integrated radio receiver for use with dedicated remote control.

The Bradley Collection reserves the right to supply an alternative motor of equivalent quality to that shown here, depending on stock availability.


A multi-channel remote control compatible with the supplied motor will be provided.

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