Elysian bridges the gap between two very different aesthetics, combining pared down modernist style with decorative sensibility. Offered in an inspirational palette of solid and metallic finishes, Elysian is available in 30mm (1 3/16″), 38mm (1 1/2″) and 50mm (2″) diameters.


Now available in three pole diameters Ø30mm (1 3/16”) • 38mm (1 1/2”) • 50mm (2”). Each component is carefully designed and scaled to reflect the design intent.


A range of bracket options have been designed to allow easy installation. All wall & ceiling brackets have a magnetic cover plate to hide screw fixings. Brackets can also be supplied to custom lengths and designs.


Elysian can be cut to any length.↔ Passing brackets & rings allow drapes to travel the full system length.


Elysian offers a bespoke bay bending and curving service to fit any bay window.


Thoughtfully designed accessories improve functionality of the system without compromising the aesthetic.




An unparalleled selection of coated and plated finishes, allows Elysian to express emotions
ranging from the sober and understated to the glamorous and flamboyant.


shades – Matte Coat

shades – satin Coat

shades – gloss Coat


High metallic fleck coatings all available in Satin and Gloss sheen levels.

Anodic Metals

A flat metal colour group, with an anodised style surface texture.

Specialist finishes

Specialist techniques are employed to deliver additional finish choices.
These more complex finishes are available at a premium cost and with longer lead times.


fluid metal™

This innovative process involves applying authentic metal coatings to any substrate.
Elysian finial designs in particular lend themselves to these metal coats.


Polished plated finishes provide a traditional sense of luxury.


Poles are cut, bent and curved to suit individual requirements. When calculating the length of your pole, remember to allow tolerance beyond the width of the frame for the curtains to draw back to the edge of the window.

Maximum pole length in one piece 4.0m (157”).↔ Poles exceeding the recommended maximum distance between brackets, will be cut into equal parts unless otherwise specified. Pole joiners will be supplied.