Our products are grouped into ten Collections, five manual and five electric.

Each collection has it’s own distinctive design personality and carefully curated choice of finials and finishes.

Curtain Poles

The widest possible choice of styles, materials and finishes available across different design collections.

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Curtain Tracks

All of our designs look stunning and some, like Gliderpole, are based on gliding track systems.

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Electric Curtain Poles & Tracks

We offer a choice of finishes and improved bracket styles for major brands of electric track, as well as steel and wooden coverpole solutions.

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Bay Windows

It is our mission to be the best in the world at bending curtain poles.

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Curved Windows

Precise curving of curtain poles is available across almost all collections.

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Double Poles

Double, layered treatments may be specified across virtually all collections.

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Wave Curtains

Wave headings are available in Gliderpole and all Electric collections.

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Corded Poles

Single and twin cord curtain pole options available in a choice of shapes and diameters.

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French poles

Smart pole and ring systems which return to the wall.

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outdoor systems

The Mio Collection has a stainless steel option which is suitable for use outdoors.

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ceiling fix

Virtually all of our collections have a ceiling fix bracket option, as well as face fix.

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electric systems

We are the specialists in high end, decorative electric systems.

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drapery arms

A neat solution for doors and windows.

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Wooden poles

Modern wood designs in both manual and electric.

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Ripplefold Curtains

Ripplefold headings are available in all Electric collections.

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Stainless Steel

Ideal hardware for wet rooms and outdoors.

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Brass poles

The exciting potential of Fluid Metals means that Brass coats are available within most collections.

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Everything from special projection brackets, through to completely bespoke hardware designs.

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Can I specify finials from one collection, onto another?

Generally speaking, yes. In most cases, finials for common pole diameters can be transferred between collections. In addition, we may be able to create collar reducers or adaptors to allow a specific finial design to be adapted to fit a different pole diameter.

Can you bend and curve poles in all collections?

Yes, with virtually no exceptions poles of all styles, diameters, materials and finishes can be professionally bent to shape.

Do you have detailed specification guides, indicating things like ring drop?

Absolutely. You can navigate to the downloads area, where you will find full specification guides or you will find convenient links to Specification Tear Sheets in the individual product pages.