Design by Bean Interiors - - Soft Furnishing by Malthouse and Summer - - Photography by James French -


The sharp, modern form of the Mio Collection flows from its purposeful design intent and the use of laser technology in its production.

The precision styling can be accentuated by the industrial, brushed stainless finish or can be softened with contemporary coated finishes.


Mio offers the widest choice of finish & scale for your interior. From soft matte hues & rich metal finishes to engineered, Brushed Stainless and all available in five pole diameters. Ø19mm (3/4”) • 25mm (1”) • 30mm (1 3/16”) • 38mm (1 1/2”) • 50mm (2”).


All Mio designs are available in stainless steel. This corrosion resistant material makes the collection ideal for wet rooms and oceanfront properties.


A range of bracket options have been designed to allow easy Installation. Brackets have magnetic cover plates to hide fixings. Brackets can also be supplied to custom lengths and designs.


Poles can be cut to any length.↔ On longer systems, the use of passing brackets & rings will allow uninterrupted travel of the drapes along the full length of the system.

Bent to Shape

A bespoke bay bending and curving service is available on all diameters, to allow the perfect shaped pole for any window.

French Poles

The traditional French pole re-styled for modern living, with understated bracket design and lined rings.


The ever-popular French pole style is given a crisp new lease
of life within the Mio Collection. Sharp lines, smooth running
rings and cleverly concealed fixings give Mio French a very
up-to-date feel.

single french

A simple and elegant treatment, especially suited to taller, narrower windows.

Double french

A smart design, improving installation and offering the benefits of the French look with the added privacy of a second layer of drapes.



Stainless Finishes

The intrinsic corrosion resistance of stainless steel makes it an ideal choice for oceanfront properties and for kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms. The iconic Brushed Stainless finish gives an industrial aesthetic, while stainless steel can also be coated on request for a softer look on this durable material.

Specialist stainless tint finishes

Specialist techniques are employed to deliver additional finish choices.
These more complex finishes are available at a premium cost and with longer lead times.

Brushed stainless steel, in subtle tinted hues gives an industrial aesthetic.


Mio has an unparalleled selection of subtle colour coats, which can be specified in matte, satin or gloss finishes.
For more glamorous projects, metallic coats are featured in both satin and gloss.

Shades – Matte Coat

Shades – satin Coat

Shades – gloss Coat


High metallic fleck coatings with most available in Satin and Gloss sheen levels.

Anodic Metals

A flat metal colour group, with an anodised style surface texture.

Specialist finishes

Specialist techniques are employed to deliver additional finish choices.
These more complex finishes are available at a premium cost and with longer lead times.


fluid metal™

Exciting new finishing technology for Mio enables a richness and rarity of finish not previously possible on a steel-based product.


Polished plated finishes provide a traditional sense of luxury.


Poles are cut, bent and curved to suit individual requirements. When calculating the length of your pole, remember to allow tolerance beyond the width of the frame for the curtains to draw back to the edge of the window.

Maximum pole length in one piece 4.0m (157”).↔ Poles exceeding the recommended maximum distance between brackets, will be cut into equal parts unless otherwise specified. Pole joiners will be supplied.