Silent Gliss

Class leading performance from the Silent Gliss 5600 system.


Excellent hardware and an ideal choice for easy integration with popular smart controls.


A serious choice ideal for integrated home automation systems.

Bay Windows

Precise bending of Eclipse, Eclipse Wood, Edge and Linear systems.

Curved Windows

Curve provides the soluton for decorative curtain poles, while Linear offers a curved decorative track option.

Home Automation

The wide choice of motor systems means that a compatible choice is available for virtually all home automation platforms.

App Control

Control by Smart device and integration with popular smart home devices.

Other Motors

Most other motor and electric drapery systems can be accommodated on a custom basis.


Wave (R) headings are available in Gliderpole and all Electric collections


Ripplefold headings are available in all Electric collections.


Everything from special projection brackets, through to completely bespoke hardware designs.

Can I control your electric curtain poles using a smartphone app?

Yes. All three motor brands provide hub based solutions to allow control through smartphone apps. Quite often, they are also compatible with smart home assistants such as Alexa. Check each individual motor option within your preferred collection.

Do I need to be working with a specialist installer for your electric curtain poles?

Generally yes, though it depends on the system and type of install. Integrated, multi-device systems definitely require specialists. Individual systems with radio control may just require a competent electrician, Somfy battery based systems can be installed and linked up by any competent curtain pole fitter.

What is the warranty on the electric track elements of your curtain poles??

Each brand varies slightly but all electric track systems used in our poles carry a manufacturer’s warranty of at least five years.