somfy – glydea ultra 60e motor

somfy – glydea ultra 60e motor

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Motor Information

Size L291mm (11 7/16”) x W93mm (3 11/16”) x D53mm (2 1/16”).
Power Supply 120V, 50/60 Hz
Average Speed Normal Mode: 127mm/s (5”/s – 8”/s) / Silent mode – 75mm/s (3’/s).
Noise < 38 dBA in Silent mode.
Max Length 11m (36’).
Max Weight 60kg (132lb).
Control WT, DCT, RTS.
Colour Options White (Plastic housing will be supplied in White).


Motor Options

WT Motor

4 core cable.
Mains switching controlled with automation systems or hardwired wall switch.


Motor 3 core cable.
Built in radio receiver Dry contact, Volt free switching.
Controlled with Somfy remote or app control options / automation systems via volt free or RTS / volt free hardwired wall switch.