double side bracket

double side bracket

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Sharp, modern forms and thoughtful engineering combine in the Stainless bracket. Passing brackets allow drapes to pass, when used in conjunction with passing rings (also known as c-rings). As most of the load is borne by side brackets, passing brackets have a horizontal back plate which gives a streamlined look, with the back plate and pole being in the same plane. To adjust the projection of the bracket, a professional saw is required (ideally a chop saw). Once cut down to size, the arm is secured to the back plate via grub screws. Back plates have multiple, slotted fixing points to simplify installation and clever magnetic coverplates to hide all fixings and give the design a pleasing and clean finish.

The bracket is engineered in authentic stainless steel and is carefully finished by hand.


Available finishes: Brushed Stainless, Brushed Brass Tint, Brushed Copper Tint, Brushed Rose Tint, Brushed Bronze Tint, Brushed Carbon Tint, Mirrored Stainless, Mirrored Brass Tint, Mirrored Copper Tint, Mirrored Rose tint, Mirrored Bronze Tint, Mirrored Carbon Tint.

Front 25mm (1″) – Rear 19mm (3/4″)  and Front 50mm (2” ) – Rear 25mm (1″)

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