Silent Gliss – 9060 motor

Silent Gliss – 9060 motor

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The new high-performance motor from Silent Gliss offers fast curtain movement and remarkable power to meet the most challenging architectural needs.

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Available options:

Silent Gliss 9060 motor
Carries curtains up to 65kg (143 lbs)
straight poles maximum length 15 Metres (49ft) – supplied in sections – maximum section per length 3.0m (10ft)
suitable for use bend bays
quiet motors, noise level at 300mm (1’) <36dBA
DC & AC hidden motor options
touch and go manual operation
motor allows manaul operation during power failure
standard and Wave® gliders and rollers
remote control through modular radio receiver and 9940 remote control
control through silent gliss® – move server & app
compatible with Home Automation systems

Specification & Installation