With views of Bel Air, the Getty Museum and the Pacific Ocean, this hill top home has a large expanse of west facing windows. To brave the elements, the versatile stainless steel Mio Collection finished in Parchment was specified. A span of 60 continuous feet was created with outdoor drapery panels stacking along the face of the home. The project was designed with passing “C” rings and brackets to allow the panels to fully stack to the right or left of the 60 foot system.  As the sun moves across the sky, individual panels are opened and closed to create the right amount of shading inside the house and on the terrace.


Year:  2010 
Company: Susanna Kost
Interior Design, Inc. 
Designer: Susanna Kost
Workroom: Crest Curtain & Drapery
Photography:  Latham Robertson
Learn more about the project at:  www.susannakost.com