The Bradley Collection publishes its brochure in digital form through its Brochure App. Available for free download to iOS and Android tablets the Brochure App has been updated to showcase collections for the coming year.

The digital edition includes all the content from the printed brochure, together with embedded video and links to the new website, spec guides and product configurator. It’s easy to search and the back lighting of a tablet shows off the images to maximum effect.

Once downloaded, the brochure app remains resident on the device and will always be kept up to date. This makes it an ideal way for designers to keep at their fingertips inspirational photography, helpful video content and the very latest technical and product information for the simplest possible way of communicating and specifying the services of The Bradley Collection.

The tablet-resident edition of the brochure reflects the brand’s determination to use technology to simplify the process of specifying curtain hardware and to communicate effectively in a changing digital landscape.

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