Mixed metal design schemes are pretty important right now and we have decided to extend the choices available from The Bradley Collection by inviting in ‘guest finishes’ for the Autumn.

Copper is fast emerging as the metallic finish of choice for interior designers and architects. Often used as a statement accent, copper is hugely versatile and works harmoniously alongside natural materials such as wood and bare brick. Exuding raw luxury and sophistication it works well when part of a rustic, modern loft look.

In line with this distinct trend The Bradley Collection has introduced a stunning Copper toned finish on the Steel Collection. This is a gorgeous variant on its signature translucent finishes, which allow the beauty of the steel below to shine through. The steel is initially cut or polished with a coarse grade to remove scale, before being carefully polished to exactly the right degree of lustre using finer polishing media. The copper coat is added which gives both the lovely hue to the finish but also acts as a tough protective coating. The Copper toned finish is offered at the same price level as the other Steel Collection finishes and is available now.

Designed for dramatic appeal, Polished Brass Plate the second guest finish, embodies an amazing glossiness. This finish can look fabulous when combined with the alternative texture of another metal such as stainless steel, to create a ‘mixed metals’ look at the window.

To create the finish, mild steel components are polished to a mirror shine before being electro-plated to add the warm lustre of brass. The plated finish receives a protective top coat of lacquer. It should be noted that there are some awkward areas that the polishing mops cannot reach and here the original character of the steel will be retained. Polished brass plate is subject to a custom plating charge per pole set. It will also require extended lead times. It is available now across Steel and Elysian collections.