Further to our communications over the weekend, a formal announcement of administration has now been released by Tuffnells. We understand that unfortunately most of their staff have been made redundant and no further deliveries or collections will be made. We send our best wishes to all those affected.

In the meantime, we have initially switched all of our deliveries to UPS. UPS will be collecting today all the orders not picked up by Tuffnells on Friday and will be providing daily collection and delivery services with immediate effect and for the immediate future. We are happy to advise therefore that there should be no further disruption to delivery of orders.

Based on the available data from the Tuffnells system, we believe there are a handful of orders trapped in transit. We are able to identify these from their system and will be in touch directly with you if one of your orders is amongst this group. We would like to reassure you that any such orders will be urgently re-made at our cost and shipped to you by UPS as soon as possible. You will not be expected to wait while we attempt to recover the goods from the Tuffnells Administrator.

However, it is difficult for us to verify the information on the Tuffnells website, so please note this important request. If you have received an e-mail notification from Tuffnells advising of an upcoming delivery and you are still awaiting that delivery, please contact the Sales desk urgently so that we can resolve the situation for you.

Thanks for your continuing patience and understanding,

Matthew Leach