This collection has poise and a clear sense of purpose. Natural material but streamlined, matte and minimalist.

Truly original, Contour is the wood pole re-imagined.


The ‘almost invisible’ brackets of Contour are a design breakthrough. They deliver the ultimate streamlined look with no compromise on strength.


Contour offers the option of linked rings for a modern, wave-style heading.


Contour is available in a selection of fine woods, presented in a contemporary low sheen finish. Poles may also be specified in Fluid Metal coats.


Steel components are available in a choice of Fluid Metal finishes, all of which may be mixed with natural wood.


Poles can be cut to any length.↔ Innovative passing bracket & ring system allows drapes to travel seamlessly along the full system length.


The optional Bracket Band and Thumb Wheel may be specified as a design accent.


Lined Pole

Wood pole & finial finishes

Other wood stained finishes are available on request.

Fluid metal™

Fluid Metals are derived from leading edge finishing technology, allowing true metal coatings to be applied to any substrate. These luxurious finishes are the prefect treatment for this esoteric collection, although standard finishes are available on request.

With suitable deference to period styling, Contour sharpens and cleans traditional motifs to suit a more modern idiom.

Superbly engineered rings are available in both hoop and passing ring styles. For a modern wave form heading, linked rings are also available.

Lined Pole

Contour incorporates a low friction liner to allow smooth operation of rings. Poles are cut, bent and curved to suit individual requirements. When calculating the length of your pole, remember to allow tolerance beyond the width of the frame for the curtains to draw back to the edge of the window. Maximum pole length in one piece 2.4m (96”). Poles exceeding the recommended maximum distance between brackets, will be cut into equal parts unless otherwise specified. Pole joiners will be supplied.

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