double mid bracket

double mid bracket

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Technically excellent while individually forged by hand from solid wire, Steel brackets represent all that is best about the hand making tradition. As the primary load-bearing role is taken by side brackets, this mid-bracket has a horizontal backplate which gives a sleek look as the backplate and the pole are in the same plane. The brackets are forged in steel and welded for maximum strength. The double arrangement of the bracket provides for a larger front pole for feature drapes and a smaller pole to the rear for sheers or voiles.

The piece is polished and prepared by hand, to achieve exactly the right degree of natural lustre in the steel prior to the application of the specialist coating. The coating provides both beauty and durability in this timeless item, which is designed to last a lifetime.



Available diameters: Front pole: 25mm (1″) Back pole: 19mm (3/4″) & Front pole: 38mm (1 1/2″) Back pole: 25mm (1″).