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“For me, design is everything. clarity of purpose and simplicity of line. purity of form, obsessive attention to detail. I strive for perfection.”





“My personal story has always had good design at its centre, with my training and background as a fashion designer reflecting my belief that design at its best can improve people’s quality of life.

I created the brand in 1992 following a frustrating period of attempting to re-model my home using interiors products and services available at that time. Finding no satisfactory solutions in terms of well-designed products, custom made to suit my individual needs, I took matters into my own hands, by designing products to suit me and having them custom made through artisan contacts in Suffolk. From that personal mission to find a better way, was conceived a brand that could offer a similar solution for other discerning clients with a similar set of needs and wants.

The Bradley Collection was born as a design-led provider of custom interior solutions, harnessing the traditional craft skills of the artisans of Suffolk. The aspiration I had was to elevate ‘artisan’ to ‘art’, by adding a more sophisticated hand-writing to the proud local rustic traditions. Whether this has been achieved or not is for others to judge, but it has always been and will always remain our mission.

At The Bradley Collection, we aim to create the world’s finest curtain poles and to fulfil this vision, for me, design is everything. Clarity of purpose and simplicity of line. Purity of form, obsessive attention to detail. I strive for perfection”.

made in england

Suffolk is a beautiful and predominantly rural corner of England and has always been home to The Bradley Collection. The brand draws design inspiration from the idyllic local landscape and historical architecture, and has added sophistication of design to rustic hand-crafting traditions. The company is proud to be part of the local community and also to be bringing some of what Suffolk has to offer to a wider national and international audience.
The philosophy of the brand is to design and make everything that it sells and to source materials and parts as close to home as possible. This pride in local design and local manufacturing is part of what makes the brand special. Add to this a passion for using only the highest quality materials and producing products and services to exceptional standards and the resulting output becomes as sublime as the landscape of Suffolk itself.

works of art lovingly created in suffolk, england