adjustable passing bracket


Sharp, modern forms and thoughtful engineering combine in the Lucent bracket. As load-bearing support for the pole is provided primarily by the side brackets, this passing style has a horizontal back plate for a sleek look. Passing brackets are cleverly designed to allow drapes to move past the brackets when used in conjunction with passing rings (sometimes known as c-rings). To adjust the bracket projection a professional saw will be required (ideally a chop saw). Once the arm has been cut down, it is secured to the back plate using grub screws.Back plates have multiple, slotted fixing points to simplify installation and clever magnetic cover plates give the design a pleasing and clean finish.

The bracket has been carefully prepared by hand for the finishing process, before being polished and plated or brushed, depending on the selected finish.


Available finishes: polished nickel, brushed stainless.

Available diameters: 30mm (1 3/16″) 50mm (2”)

Specification & Installation

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