We already lead the way with our finish selection and the wide choice is to be further enhanced for the Spring by the launch of Architectural Metallics.

Architectural Metallics are a smart edit of flat metallic coatings, which are in touch with modern design sensibility.

These five new finishes are available from next month and can be specified on all collections.

Samples will also be available on request.

Expect to see cool ocean colours continuing in popularity. Aquas, teals and indigos combine, ranging in intensity from bright to moody hues.

This cool palette will be accented by muted plum and is best complemented by hardware in natural steel and authentic stainless steel.


Top tip… we’re hearing on the ‘design-vine’ that mixed metals are a key trend for 2015.

”In London, designer Kelly Hoppen says mixing warm metals, such as copper and rose gold, with cool ones like silver is particularly hot right now. Los Angeles designer Jamie Bush agreed, saying he is no longer interested in matching every metal finish in a single room: “It’s too staged.” New York designer Thom Filicia suggested a “strategic, layered mix” of silvery, gold and black metals as a “riskier and more stylish” option. A great example: Arteriors’s Nolan Pendant, a brass-finished iron light with a dark bronze band. “ By DAVID A. KEEPS

Jan. 2, 2015 11:25 a.m. ET

Essentially anything goes, copper & chrome, gold & silver it’s all about the eclectic mix and match.


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Fact: A completely dark room is proven to result in a sounder nights sleep.

“Previous studies have linked light at night with ill health in rodents. Now a study of 113,000 women suggests that it could cause obesity in humans. The work by Oxford University researchers for the Institute of Cancer Research found that women had larger waistlines if their bedroom was “light enough to see across”, the researchers found.” Tom de Castella BBC News Magazine, June 2014.

Heavier curtain fabric with black out lining at bedroom windows will help to eliminate light pollution and create a darker sanctuary to aid sleep.

A trend back to heavier drapes does not create an issue with any of the poles or tracks from The Bradley Collection, as long as the brackets are correctly specified and installed. Talking of brackets and light exclusion, we have noticed a recent trend toward shorter (60mm) projection brackets. These shorter brackets bring the pole and thus fabrics closer to the wall helping to minimize the outside light creeping into the room. (It’s also worth remembering that our bespoke service means that even shorter bracket projections can be made on request). Let’s work to make disturbed nights a thing of the past…

To read more of Tom de Castella’s article: click here

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Take note, copper finishes are fast emerging as the metal of choice favoured by architects and interior designers in 2015. What’s not to love?

“We’re seeing warmer metals i.e. brass and copper rather than stainless steel.” Emma Farkas of Emma Farkas Design

Often used as a statement accent, copper is hugely versatile and works harmoniously alongside natural materials such as wood and bare brick. Exuding raw luxury and sophistication it works well when employed to create a rustic or modern loft look.

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We love the world’s most recycled material…

The Bradley Collection remains true to its origins and the company’s blacksmiths still manufacture Steel finials and brackets on the forge. In fact, around 80% of the company’s current output is created from steel.

As the worlds most re-cycled material, enough steel is re-cycled every day to make the equivalent of 150 Eiffel Towers. Recycling has been carried out in the steel industry since steel was first made. According to the Steel Association, ‘Steel is 100% recyclable and can be recycled over and over again to create new steel products in a closed material loop. Recycled steel maintains the inherent properties of the original steel. The magnetic property of steel ensures easy and affordable recovery for recycling from almost any waste stream while the high value of steel scrap guarantees the economic viability of recycling.’

At the Bradley Collection we are fully behind recycling as a practical solution to the planet’s emerging resource crunch. “As reserves of key resources such as rare earth metals and minerals are diminishing, while exploration and material extraction costs are rising. The current ‘take-make-dispose’ linear economy approach results in massive waste – according to Richard Girling’s book Rubbish! published in 2005, 90% of the raw materials used in manufacturing become waste before the product leaves the factory while 80% of products made get thrown away within the first six months of their life.” The Guardian.

As well as majoring in this most recycled material, we also create products to last a lifetime, rather than to wear out and be replaced. Lets all work to ensure sustainability remains a core priority in society and doesn’t become a passing fashion trend.

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