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Folio One – The Bradley Collection now in fabric

The Bradley Collection launches its first ever textile collection; the silk-rich Folio One. Folio One compliments The Bradley Collection’s curtain poles and embodies the design values of traditional grandeur. The

Baroco Collection – Ornate style on a grand scale.

Exquisite classical styling meets engineered perfection in Baroco, The Bradley Collection’s new range of decorative wooden and brass curtain poles. Baroco delivers the dramatic and ornate on a grand scale

Bel Air – California – Mio Collection

With views of Bel Air, the Getty Museum and the Pacific Ocean, this hill top home has a large expanse of west facing windows. To brave the elements, the versatile

PARK AVE – New York City – MIO Collection

The clean architectural lines of Mio brushed stainless steel supports these lustrous sheer curtains. The rhythm of the curtains subtle grid of seams reduces the scale of the spaces while

HUDSON ST. – New York City – EDGE Collection

Subtle curves at the ends of the track create the impression of a single plane while masking corner risers.  The crisply tailored box pleats of the master bedroom curtain provide

9TH AV. – New York City – EDGE Collection

The natural tone of this new shade continues the warm tones of the décor, conspiring with the subtle opacity of the flat linen panels to establish a gentle threshold between


The variety of installations speak to the range of spaces in this urban home. The stationary, metallic white vinyl and bobbinet panels in the living room mask the low roofs


24 August – 5 November 2007 The Bradley Collection was a Bronze Sponsor for the 2007 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion. The pavilion was designed by Olafur Elisson and Kjetil Thorsen. Bradley

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