standard draw rod

standard draw rod

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Elegant in it’s simplicity, the standard draw rod is perfectly cylindrical and terminates with a chamfered top detail before the joining eye. The draw rod is supplied complete with the first ring to suit your pole set. The standard draw rod is particularly suited to heavy drapes and the fine draw rod may be specified for light duty projects, if preferred.

The draw rod is engineered in authentic stainless steel and is carefully finished by hand.


Available finishes: Brushed Stainless, Brushed Brass Tint, Brushed Copper Tint, Brushed Rose Tint, Brushed Bronze Tint, Brushed Carbon Tint, Mirrored Stainless, Mirrored Brass Tint, Mirrored Copper Tint, Mirrored Rose tint, Mirrored Bronze Tint, Mirrored Carbon Tint.